Saturday, March 27, 2010

Who am I?

In Term 1 we have been learning to describe farm animals using 'clever' words. Have a listen and see if you can guess what animal the children are describing before you see the picture at the end.


  1. Hi guys and girls

    I guessed a horse! yay got that right..phew. Looking forward to seeing more guessing the animals from you's soon.

    bye for now

    khaias mummy ♣

  2. Wow! Great job describing a horse, guys! I guessed it right away.

  3. Hi room 6 some of us guessed it was a horse. We liked your drawing at the end.

  4. Hi Room Six,

    Nice one, you got me! Nice drawing at the end Sateki. Well done my little brother.

    Love from Kaloni.

  5. Harlem's reflection:

    I am going to write a long story and record it next time!



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