Saturday, March 13, 2010

Khaia's at the pools.

Khaia shares with you what she did during her swimming lesson at school. Well done Khaia lovely expressive reading.


  1. Khaia, what an awesome story sweetheart! I loved it and I showed all the ladies at work and they want to adopt you : ) So do I!
    Keep up the fantastic work.
    Love Genna and Wolverine (he is my boyfriend)

  2. Hello my daughter, great to see you sharing another fantastic story with us all. You have progressed in swimming a lot! More practice and you will be excellent in swimming in no time. Great to see you more confident in the water though. I know you are more of a tanner then a swimmer :) That lady above me her boyfriend is wolverine! Scary!

    ☻♥ mummy ☼♫

  3. Hi Khaia !!! Its great seeing you do well !!!
    And your a natural in front of the camera ! (just like your aunty hehehe)

    Love you lots, Aunty Rina

  4. Good job on your speech of swimming.
    Have a good day at school Khaia.

    Bye for now, Phoenix

  5. Hey Khaia! Another fantastic story from you. Keep up the great work and look forward to hearing more from you. We all miss you and hopefully you'll get to show us your swimming skills when we make another trip back home to Aotearoa.

    Lots of love from your family in Brisbane:)

  6. Hi Khaia:)

    What a choice story! Sounds like you had a Fabulous time at the pools.

    Keep those fantastic stories coming, I ♥ hearing them:)

    X Michaels Mum:)

  7. lol khaia...

    great story telling

    <3 aunty

  8. well done munkhi, lol ..everyone was lookin at you , haha riyah !
    Riyah said when are you's comin over to town ..hehe ?

  9. Hi Khaia great story telling Leanne n Oushen wanted to hear more.... Keep up the great work and maybe you can tell them another one of your great stories when we visit again...
    Look forward to hearing more you go girl!!!!!

  10. Absolutely Amazing Khaia. Great work!! Can't wait to hear more of your stories!!.. Keep it up sweety.

    Love you lots..
    Uncle Tutz & Aunty Nita.. xoxo

  11. Awesome reading Khaia!!!

    much luv aunty Toa from Sydney Australia..xox


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