Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Viliami shares his weekend

This is the first time that Viliami has been on an imovie. He shares with you all the things he enjoyed about his weekend.


  1. Hi Viliami,
    You have a cool story about your weekend. We liked listening to your story. Most of us like going to the beach for a swim.

    From Room 10

  2. Hi Villiami,
    You sounded you had a wonderful weekend! I usually have to come to school on Sunday afternoon to get things ready for Monday!

    Mrs She

  3. Hi Viliami, I liked watching and listening to your post. Well done. Did you make a sand castle? I love going to the beach too.

  4. Good work Viliami.

    Cool imovie. Going to the beach is Super Cool, especially when its with your Family.

    Keep up the good work.

    X Michaels Mum:)

  5. Hi! son that was a wonderful news. I love to hear more story from u son. Keep it up my darling. Love mum n dad.


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