Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ambury Farm

In Term 1 we are learning to be successful by using the 'Pt England Way'. The children were given the chance to show what they had learned by going on a school trip to Ambury Farm. They had to show they can use their manners, speak politely, put their hands up, have a healthy lunch. . . Have a look and see what else they learned.



    I absolutely enjoyed watching this and brought back memories of our visit to Ambury Farm. Learnt a lot too like why our eggs come out different colors. I had a great bunch of well behaved children in my group, special thank you to Kahui my team leader, Lucy and Khaia. Thank you for making our trip to Ambury Farm a fun one!

    ♥ Khaias mummy ( MEL ) ♫ ♣

  2. HI ROOM 6 AND MRS GLAZE great movie .I like your movie,you also got lots of animals on your movie and you got my secound faourite animal. FROM JORJA

  3. Hi ROOM 6 and Ms Glaze,
    it is lovely to see your beautiful work. All of you can be very proud of yourselves! Keep up the excellent story-telling everyone.
    From Genna (Ava's mum) and Wolverine (my boyfriend)xoxoxo

  4. What a fantastic, colourful and exciting movie. I could see that you were having lots of fun, while you were using your amazing Pt England manners! Well done.
    From Mrs. Samuels (Jordan's mum)

  5. COOL song in the background playing!

    from Shoal and Khaia

  6. Dear Ms. Glaze's Class,
    My name is Jessica Purvis, I am a student at the University of South Alabama and I am taking Dr.Strange's EDM310 class. I really enjoyed watching your video of your school trip at Ambury Farm! You all showed great use of manners, and I loved how you guys were sitting quietly and raised your hands appropriately. It was very good how you ate a healthy lunch! I was very glad to see that, it's very important and will keep you strong and in tip-top shape. I bet it was a lot of fun to see all of those farm animals! I also wanted to say that I really enjoyed how you guys made a video to show what you learned. I wish my teachers would've done stuff like that when I was in your grade, Kudos Room 6!

    You can go to My Blog and leave a comment if you want!

  7. I just want to give a big thank you to all the parents who came with us!

  8. Hi, Room 6,

    Thank you for sharing your awesome movie with us!

    Mrs She.


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