Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day and Night class movie

Room 7 have been learning about day and night. They have been making sun dials, watching the shadows and seeing where the sun is in the sky and different times of day. Some children have even made their own class movie, with support.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Alice' school athletics day story.

Alice loved taking part in the school athletics day. Take and listen and find out why.

Alice's day and night animation

Cameo's day and night movie

Anahera's day and night animation

Omari's day and night poem

Olivia's day and night animation

Danielle's day and night animation

jamal's day and night animation

Room 7 have been learning all about day and night. Watch their animations of night becoming day, and listen to their explanations. Are they right? If not let them know. If so let them know how good they are.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Venetia's poem

Mrs O’ Toole

likes golden jewels.

Mr Adair

has a fluffy polar bear.

Mr Mc Phee

eats sweat green peas.

By Venetia

Patricia's poems

Mrs O' Toole

went to school.

Mrs Adair

went to the fair for a polar.

Mrs Mr Mcphee

has a brown chimpanzee.

By Patricia

Omari's poem

Mrs O’Toole

had lots of blue jewels.

Mr Adair

has a polar bear.

Mr Mc Phee

ate a scary flea.

By Omari

Mubashshirs' poem

Mrs O'Toole

went into the deep pool.

Mr Adair

has a mare.

Mr Mc Phee

had a scary key.

By Mubashshir

Leni's poem

Mrs O'Toole

had a cool pool.

Mr Adair

had a brown chair.

Mr Mc Phee

had a king bee.

By Leni

Jamal's poems

Little Teddy

Little teddy has a hat

and he is so fat.

Little teddy has a ball

and he fell off the wall.

Little teddy is all white

and he plays with his kite.

Little teddy’s ears are round

and he crawls on the ground.

People Poems

Mrs O` Tool

Laughs like a fool.

Mr Adair

ate a delicious blue pear.

Mr Mc Phee

sat on a big flea.

Old Mrs O` Brien

roars like a lion.

Mrs Porath

walks on the green path.

By Jamal.

David' poem

Mrs O'Toole

went to school

By David

Chyrus's poem

Mrs O’Toole

Went to school

Mr Adair

Sat on the chair

By Chyrus

Anahera's poem

Mrs O''Toole

laughed all the way school

Mr Adair

had a white polar bear

Mr Mc Phee

had a hairy chimpanzee

By Anahera

Juniors Poem

Mrs O Tool

has a new pool.

Mr Adair

sat on a chair.

Mr Mc Phee

swam in a deep blue sea.

By Junior.

Room 7's crazy rhyming poems.

Room 7 have been learning about word endings that sound the same. Have a listen at their crazy poems and leave a comment if you like them.

The singers of the Solar system movie!

Here is the video of all the wonderful singers of the solar system song.