Saturday, March 8, 2014

Giovanni's picnic story

Giovanni had a fantastic picnic, read his story and find out why.

Lennox's picnic story

Lennox loved the day at the picnic, especially when he was splashing in the sea with his friends.  Read his story and see what else he likes to do.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Jazzelle's picnic story

Jazzelle loved making sandcastles at the beach.  Read her story and find out what else she liked to do.

Piripis picnic story

Piripi had a lovely time splashing in the water at the school picnic.  Read his story and find out what else he liked to do.

Pisirina's picnic story.

Pisirina has heaps of fun at the picnic. Have a read and leave her a message if you enjoyed her story.

Levonah's picnic story

Levonah was one of the star turns at the picnic.  Read her story and find out why.  If you like her story please leave her a comment.

The Pt England School Picnic

Point England School had an amazing whole school picnic.  Have a read and see what the children really enjoyed about it.