Friday, September 28, 2012

Memory's diver story

The deep sea diver jumped in the deep cold blue water looking for treasure. Then he found an octopus sitting on an old treasure box. The octopus stretched his long tentacles all over the treasure box.

Tom hid in the wiggly seaweed and surprised the octopus. Then the diver tried to pull the octopus’ sticky tentacles off the treasure box. Tom and the the octopus were fighting. The diver tied the octopus’ sticky tentacles into knots.

Tom the diver was running to the treasure box. He opened the box and saw gold sparkling.

By Memory

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Victoria and Zions goals

Victoria and Zion share their writing goals.

Samoa, Jonathan, Junior and Lishana

Samoa, Jonathan, Junior and Lishana share their goals.  If you know how they can achieve them please leave them a comment.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ajani, Leatham, Lxjnr, Tuao

Ajani, Leathan, Lxjnr and Tuao share their goals.

Nyree, Noah, Kaden and Tareeks goals

Nyree, Noah, Kaden and Tareek leave their goals.

End of term 3

As we are coming to the end of Term 3 Room 7 have been reflecting on what they have learned during writing and setting new goals for next term.  If you think they have done a really good job or can think of a way they can achieve their goal please leave them a comment on the blog.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Manuwai's diver story

The deep sea diver was diving under the deep ocean to look for gold and treasure. The diver saw the octopus sitting on an old wooden box. The octopus was stretching his long tentacles out.
Tom swam through the wriggly coral and snuck behind the big crushed rocks. He tried to get some gold. The mean octopus saw Tom behind the rocks, trying to get the shiny treasure. The mean octopus started to fight Tom and strangled him. His sticky tentacles were on the broken, sandy old box.
Ben tied the octopus’ sticky tentacles into big knots and his eyes were surprised, because he didn’t know what had happened. Then the octopus floated away like a bubble.

By Manuwai

Justus diver story

Justus really enjoyed writing his diver story and has added some really interesting details.  If you like his story please leave him a comment.

Ben the deep sea diver jumped into the deep sea looking for treasure. Ben saw a colourful octopus lying and singing on top of a golden treasure box.

The octopus saw Ben and looked at him with mean eyes. He then grabbed Ben by the neck, strangling him. Ben fought back! He was holding the sticky tentacles tightly and the octopus was freaking out. It began to float away from Ben.

Ben could now open the treasure chest. Inside he saw sparkling gold. The money reflected in his eyes.

By Justus

Thank you to our commentors

I would like to thank all of the students in Dr Strange's class who are making really positive comments on the class blog.  The children are getting a huge 'buzz' out of it and feel really inspired to write.  Ms Glaze

Ajani's shot put animation

Ajani has drawn an athlete with lots of interesting detail.  If you like it or can think of ways he can make it even better please leave him a comment.

End of term Olympics unit.

Room 7 have been learning all about the Olympics this term.  They have been throwing a real shot put and have even been to a real gymnasium to learn and then practise their skills.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Team 2 Spelling Bee

All the children in Team 2 have been practising their spelling all year in preparation for the Spelling Bee.  We started with the top 4 spellers in each class. Mr Jacobsen MC'd for us.  All the children were excited but very nervous.  Have a look to see who our Gold, Silver and Bronze winners were.

Room 7 learning to count

Room 7 have been having lots of fun learning how to use the te rakau sticks to count.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nyree's diver story

This is Nyree's draft copy.

On a hot sunny day Ben the diver jumped into the deep blue sea to find treasure.  Ben swam through the coral in the black water.  When he jumped into the cold water he saw an octopus with mean beady eyes lying on a bright blue box.

He tried to pull the octopus off the broken, sandy box but the octopus tentacles were wrapped around tightly.

Then Ben said “Hey whats that box? I wonder if there is any treasure in there?”

He peaked around the box and suddenly the octopus began choking Ben and they started to fight in the swirling, white cloudy water.

Then Ben tied the octopus long sticky tentacles into knots and pushed him off the broken sandy box.  When Ben pushe the octopus off the box he lifted it up and suddenly he saw golden glittering treasure.

Ben was excited, he was rich!

By Nyree

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Noah's diver story

Noah has added lots of interesting detail to his story too.  If you like it please leave him a comment.

Ben the deep sea diver jumped into the deep cold blue water looking for gold and treasure. He was wearing a snorkel an some flippers.  He saw an octopus sitting on an old sandy box.  As he swam to it the seaweed swirled like a swirling snake in the black cold sea.

Ben swam through the black swirling water and sneaked behind the cold grey rocks.  He went to the octopus and tried to pull the sticky tentacles off.  Then the octopus turned around and Ben saw his mean black eyes.

Ben tied the octopus long sticky tentacles into a big round knot, it was like a ball.  He pushed the octopus as hard as he could.  He pushed and pushed until the octopus slipped into the deep cold sea.

When Ben opened up the treasure box he saw sparkling gold.  It sparkled in his eyes and made him almost kiss it.

By Noah.

Ajani's diver story

Ajani has worked really hard to add lots of interesting details into his story.  If you like it please leave him a comment.

Tom the deep sea diver dived into the cold deep blue sea that was swirling like a tornado.  Tom swam cautiously throught the seaweed in the cold water. He swam to the bottom.  When he stopped he saw a huge octopus with mean eyes and 8 stretchy long tentacles. 

The octopus wrapped his sticky tentacles around the dusty old box.  Tom was excited, his heart was pounding as he tried to get the octopus tentacles off. 

Suddenly the octopus let go of the treasure box so Tom tangled the sticky long tentacles into knots and pushed the octopus into the deep sea.

He opened the treasure box and found gold, golden money and jewels.

He was surprised and he realized that he could be rich.  “Yeah! Yeah! I can be rich” he screamed.  He couldn’t believe it, it was his first time.  

He swam back up for fresh air and carried the chest with him and shared it with his friends.

By Ajani

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mitchell's diver story

Mitchell has used lots of descriptive words to paint a really interesting picture in your minds eye.  If you like Mitchell's story please leave him a comment.

Ben swam through the long stretchy, wiggling, swirling seaweed and sneaked behind the colourful coral. He peaked through the coral and saw an octopus sitting on an old dusty treasure box stuck in the wavy sand.

Ben approached the octopus and he tried to pull the octopus sticky gooey tentacles off but the octopus wrapped his tentacles tightly over the old dusty treasure box. Ben pulled the sticky tentacles off and they started to have a fight.

The big octopus tried to strangle Ben but he fight the octopus back.

Ben tied and wrapped the octopus’s tentacles into a really tight knot. He pushed the mean octopus away and it floated away into the deep sea. 

When the octopus was gone Ben swam to the dusty-old treasure box and opened it.  He saw shiny bright gold and jewellry.

By Mitchell

Whole text

Room 7 have been learning how to write a whole story using a picture storyboard as the motivation. A paragraph has been constructed daily using the gifted words.  Can you work out which words have been gifted?

These are the pictures they used.