Monday, June 28, 2010

Sarai's ash story

Sarai has been learning all about what happens after a volcano erupts. She describes the ash she sees. Well done Sarai

Dartanian's animated volcano

Dartanian shows what he has learned about volcanoes with his animation. He tells you with a very clear voice. Well done Dartanian.

Harlem's animated volcano

Harlem has been learning about volcanoes. He show what he has learned in an animation of a volcano erupting. Keep listening until the end though! Well done Harlem

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sateki's animated volcano

Sateki tells you what he has learned about volcano's. He has even animated his own picture. Well done Sateki.

Enyahlee's flowers.

Enyahlee was asked to write about her favourite thing. She has written a really descriptive story about why she likes flowers.

Suli's animated volcano

Suli loves to draw detailed pictures. He has drawn a really detailed picture about a volcano and even animated it. If you listen carefully he even describes what is happening. Well done Suli

Louis' favourite thing.

Louis has written about dinosaurs which are his favourite, most interesting topic. He reads with a clear voice and has used some really interesting words to capture your imagination. Well done Luois

Ashley's weekend

Ashley shares what she loves to do at the weekend with her family.

Sarai's Volcano

Sarai has been learning about volcanoes. She has also been learning how to draw a detailed picture and animate it. She has even told you how a volcano erupts. Well done Sarai.

Lucy's volcano

Lucy has been learning how to animate her pictures and has drawn a detailed volcano. She has also talked about what is happening with a really clear voice over. Well done Lucy

Jordans volcano animation

Jordan shares how a volcano erupts with his animation. Well done Jordan.

Zane at Mt Wellington

Zane shares with you his experience of visiting Mt Wellington on a school trip.

Michael's weekend

Michael shares with you why he likes to play rugby at the weekend. Michael I really like how you tell us exactly what you do to be a 'winner' at rugby. Well done.

Taimana at Mt Wellington

Taimana shares what he did when we went on a school trip to Mt Wellington to see an extinct volcano.

Marilyn at Mt Wellington

Marilyn shares her experience about going to Mt Wellington. Marlyn I really like how you to told us how you felt. Well done.