Friday, June 25, 2010

Louis' favourite thing.

Louis has written about dinosaurs which are his favourite, most interesting topic. He reads with a clear voice and has used some really interesting words to capture your imagination. Well done Luois


  1. Hi Louis ,

    Awesome speech/story about dinosaurs! I liked the way you described how the dinosaurs lived.

    From Lulu

  2. well done Louis I like the words you have chosen to describe what the dinosaur looks like.
    Well done!
    Louis mum

  3. Fantastic information Louis! I really like the way you spoke clearly and used great describing words to share your information about dinosaurs. I look forward to your future postings. Well done!
    Teacher (Leanne)

  4. Louis's reflection:

    I like my story because it has a lot of information in it. And i used a lot of interesting words.
    I can make it even if I remember my capital letters and full stops.

  5. Hi Louis

    I liked your movie of you speaking because it was clear. When I was small I used to like like dinosaurs. Anyway I hope you get lots of comments on this post.


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