Thursday, December 10, 2009

DJ's best Christmas ever

DJ shares her wishlist of what her best Christmas ever would be.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Sela shares her ideas of her wishlist of her best Christmas ever.

Sebastian Christmas wishlist

Sebastian shares his ideas of his best Christmas.

Shaloms 'best' christmas

Shalom has shared his wishlist of what he really wants for Christmas.

Alarzae makes damper

Alarzae shows you all the ingredients you need if you want to make damper.

Iisa cooks damper

Iisa shows you how to wait patiently if you want to make the yummy damper.

Lee's Damper

Lee shows you how to cook damper slowly on a bonfire.

Sosaia makes damper.

Sosaia knows all the ingredients to make damper. Soon we will be publishing his movie showing you how to make and cook damper.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

We miss you Eric

Dear Eric,

On Monday, I went to the Doctor because my nose had sores on them. The Doctor gave me medicine and cream to rub around my nose and under my eyes. I also have to drink my white medicine too. How are you? What are you doing now? How many friends do you have? Do you have 2 or 3 or 4 friends?

From Nikita

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Birthday Party

Hear what Sarah has to say about her birthday party!

How do you spell dinosaur?

Room 8 studied about dinosaurs in Term 2. We also had to learn how to spell some tricky words especially the dinosaur names. But here's our favourite word to spell - dinosaur. Can you spell it too?

Making Damper

On Tuesday morning, Room 8 made Damper. Whaea Raewyn gave us a bamboo stick to put our Damper dough on it. We had to roll it on like a sausage and we had to make it long and thin. Then we put it over the fire. We rested our arms on the concrete blocks around the bonfire. We had to make sure it turned golden and not black. When it was cooked, Whaea Raewyn took the Damper off the bamboo stick, then Miss Va'afusuaga gave us some golden syrup to eat with it. It was delicious.

By Kashya

Making Damper

On Tuesday morning, we made Damper with Whaea Raewyn. We were the last classroom to make the Damper. When we were cooking the Damper, our eyes got sore from the smoke. Some people went to wash their face because their eyes hurt. When our Damper was cooked, Miss Va'afusuaga put some golden syrup on it and we ate it. Then we made Smores with marshmellows and chocolate biscuits. It was yummy!

By Yanquasia

We miss you Eric

Dear Eric,

What have you been up to? How are you? What do you like about the place you're at? I've been playing with Kashya.

From Shirquera

We miss you Eric

Dear Eric,

Yesterday we made popcorn in the microwave. We wanted you to come back and make it with us because we miss you. I hope you're having a good day.

From Nikki