Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Louis story about Kupe's journey

Louis retells the story of Kupe and his voyage to Aotearoa. He has used really descriptive language and his voice is really clear.

Mighty Mariners movie

We have been learning all about how the mighty warrior Kupe journeyed from Hawaiiki and was the first person to call it Aoeotearoa 'The land of the long white cloud' as that was what he saw on his arrival. They also learned all about how other islanders have voyaged here and with what. They have done a fantastic job of their drawings, animations and writing. Well done Room 6 keep up the good work.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Isaacs pirate

Isaac really enjoyed writing about his pirate. Take a listen and find out why. Well done Isaac,

Michaels weekend

Michael wanted to record this so his mum and dad and his family, where ever they might, be can hear his accomplishments! Well done Michael.

Marilyn's pirate

Marilyn has done a great job of changing her characters appearance she has also changed his personality then written a new paragraph about where he went. Well done Marilyn. Keep up the great work.

Michael's Pirate

Michael has written a really interesting paragraph about his happy pirates description. Then written a paragraph about where he went. Well done Michael.

Sateki's pirate

Sateki has done a really creative job of turning his bad pirate into a good pirate. See if you can see his pirate in your head using his words. His goal was to slow down while he was recording. Something he finds very difficult to do. He has achieved it in this recording. Well done Sateki.

Dartanians good pirate

Dartanian has written a really interesting description of a good pirate. This is his first recording on his own. Well done Dartanian.

Friday, August 6, 2010

In Term 3 Room 6 are learning all about mighty mariners. They are learning why people moved, how they moved and what qualities make an adventurer. They will be learning all about Kupe, Abel Tasman, James Cook and Peter Blake. We will also be visiting the Maritime Museum. In writing we have been looking at characters and their personalities, and learning how to write paragraphs.