Monday, July 15, 2013

Room 7 mixing ingredients movies

Attached are the end of term movies all independently generated by the children.  To generate some of these movies some of the children have generated 30 different cards.  If you enjoyed their movies please leave them a comment.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kidpix movies

Here are some of the kidpix movies that Room 7 have completed.  If you like them please leave them a comment.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tatas cake movie

Tata has been our class expert.  Just look at the detail he has put into his very first animation.

Room 7 making a cake video

Room 7 explain how all the ingredients changed as they were mixed and heated.  If you like their movie please leave them a comment.

Jorelles making cake stories.

Jorelle has been making a cake.  Listen to how she describes the texture of the ingredients before they are mixed and heated.  If you like her writing please leave her a comment.

Science changing state stories

Room 7 have been learning how things change state this term.  They have been turning liquids to solids and solids to liquids.  They have even been looking at ingredients to cakes and seeing how they change when they are heated.  They have been learning about changing state.  Creating cakes, jellies and popcorn.  They have even created a kidpix movie showing the states and how it changes.  If you like their movies please leave the children a comment.

Naomis cake story

Naomi explains what part of the cake was her favourite.  If it is your favourite too please leave her a comment.

Daisy's cake story

Daisy loves birthday cake, have a listen and found out why.  Leave Daisy a comment if you like cake too!

Room 7's birthday stories

Room 7 celebrated some birthdays and this is what the children thought about the cake.  If you can think of any other word for delicious please leave them a comment on the blog.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jorelles diver story

Jorelle has added really interesting details about what was swimming in the sea with her.  What did you really like about her story?

Naomi's diver story

Naomi has written a really interesting diver story too!  What is your favourite part.  Please leaver her a comment.

Nasibahs diver story

Nasibah has written a really detailed diver story.  Please send Nasibah a comment to tell her what your favourite part of the story is.
Room 7 have been learning how to write a story with an interesting beginning, middle and an end.  Listen to the stories and leave the children a message if you like them.  Can you spot the gifted word groups?