Monday, September 24, 2012

Manuwai's diver story

The deep sea diver was diving under the deep ocean to look for gold and treasure. The diver saw the octopus sitting on an old wooden box. The octopus was stretching his long tentacles out.
Tom swam through the wriggly coral and snuck behind the big crushed rocks. He tried to get some gold. The mean octopus saw Tom behind the rocks, trying to get the shiny treasure. The mean octopus started to fight Tom and strangled him. His sticky tentacles were on the broken, sandy old box.
Ben tied the octopus’ sticky tentacles into big knots and his eyes were surprised, because he didn’t know what had happened. Then the octopus floated away like a bubble.

By Manuwai

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  1. Hi Manuwai,
    I Like Your Diving Story Keep Up The Great Work.


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