Monday, September 24, 2012

Justus diver story

Justus really enjoyed writing his diver story and has added some really interesting details.  If you like his story please leave him a comment.

Ben the deep sea diver jumped into the deep sea looking for treasure. Ben saw a colourful octopus lying and singing on top of a golden treasure box.

The octopus saw Ben and looked at him with mean eyes. He then grabbed Ben by the neck, strangling him. Ben fought back! He was holding the sticky tentacles tightly and the octopus was freaking out. It began to float away from Ben.

Ben could now open the treasure chest. Inside he saw sparkling gold. The money reflected in his eyes.

By Justus


  1. Hi Justus I like your story about the deep sea diver. My favouritebit was when he opened the treasure box.From Jonathan

  2. What a neat story Justus! The fight was intense...mean eyes...strangling. I'm happy the octopus knew to float away. I also love the part where the treasure 'reflected in his eyes'. Very good story writing Justus!

  3. Malo uso!
    Nice story Justus. Full of excitement and adventure. It reminds me of our "Search for the Lost Treasure of Danger Island" bedtime story series starring the beautiful Dr Toreka, brave hunter Tanielu and of course the bravest, smartest and most courageous warrior of all time - Justus! We never did get to part 12 did we? We might have to finish it sometime soon. Keep up the good work.


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