Monday, December 5, 2011

Jamal's poems

Little Teddy

Little teddy has a hat

and he is so fat.

Little teddy has a ball

and he fell off the wall.

Little teddy is all white

and he plays with his kite.

Little teddy’s ears are round

and he crawls on the ground.

People Poems

Mrs O` Tool

Laughs like a fool.

Mr Adair

ate a delicious blue pear.

Mr Mc Phee

sat on a big flea.

Old Mrs O` Brien

roars like a lion.

Mrs Porath

walks on the green path.

By Jamal.


  1. I like how you have rhymed your words .Nice poem Jamal keep up the great work :)

  2. Dear jamal I likle yaer pome becuse it's
    good becuse you trid yaer bets gop I
    eveing sen. frome roimata ru

  3. Hi Jamal,

    This is Amber remember me I really hope your having allot of fun there where your living now I do really hope you would come back to this school everybody miss's you from RM 7 but now your in RM 10 some of your friends like me are in RM 10 to and everybody wants you to come back and D.J's in RM 8 :')
    Lots of love and hope From your funny and cool friend Amber
    we do miss you
    we wish you where back:')


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