Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sean's beach story

This is Sean's first imovie this year. He shares his story about the beach.


  1. Dear Brother
    I like your story.I like the words you used to talk about the sea.Was it at the school picnic?If it was you are luky that you saw dolphins because I didn't see any.

    Love from your sister Ashleigh xxoo

  2. Hi Sean.

    I like your story and you read so well :) well done!

    ♥ Khaias mummy

  3. Hello Sean! I am a college student in Alabama I think your first video is absolutely amazing. I love that you chose a topic about the beach. That is so cool that you saw dolphins leaping over the waves. I am sure it was beautiful.

  4. Dear Sean! that was good information. From Jordan


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