Saturday, March 6, 2010

Stevenson's weekend

This is Stevensons first ever imovie. He shares what he did at the weekend with a lovely clear voice.


  1. Wow Stevenson, you had an exciting weekend. Kelly Tarlton's is cool. I like seeing the penguins and I like watching the stingrays too. Good work.

  2. Cool Story Stevenson:)

    Sounds like you and your family had a blast over the weekend.

    Awesome Story:)

    X Michaels Mum:)

  3. Hey Stevenson,
    What a lovely presentation of your story. You speak very well. I look forward to hearing more exciting stories from you.

  4. Hi Stevenson
    Great movie and even better writing. You speak very clearly so people can understand. I look forward to your next movie you make. Keep up the great work Stevenson


  5. Hi stevenson

    I liked your movie and your voice. I am looking foward on commenting on some more work.

    From Kingston

  6. Hey Stevenson

    What a great first imovie you have created. You have great speaking skills. Your voice is clear and loud. I look forward to seeing more of your fabulous work.

    Well Done!

  7. Stevenson's Reflection:
    I like my story because all my aunties love it.
    I can make it better by writing a longer story and use more intersting words.



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