Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lucy plays games.

This is Lucy's first imovie this year. She shares what she found tricky about playing Simon says.


  1. Hi Lucy :)

    Simon says "put your hands on your head" hehe i love playing that game when i was your age. You will get the hang of it in no time. Have fun.

    Khaias mum :)

  2. Hi Lucy

    Its good to see your smiley face looks like you enjoying playing what Simon says

    Love your mama

  3. Hi Lucy,

    You spoke really clearly so we could understand what you were talking about. Gloria and Moala loved how you explained your story. Moala's favourite part was when you said you played simon says.We hope you post more of your work on this pretty good blog.

  4. Lucy,
    Simon Says is a really fun game. Do you like to play Duck, Duck, Goose? My students here in the United States (Mobile, Alabama) love to play Simon Says and Duck, Duck, Goose on rainy days? Learning and playing new games can be great fun! Have fun....


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