Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jordan at the beach

Jordan has been learning how to use the tools on the computer and link it to his writing about the beach. Well done Jordan.


  1. Hi Jordan,
    You spoke very clear and loud. We also like why you said you like going to the ocean. Keep up the great work.

    Room 10

  2. Hi, Jordan,

    Thank you for sharing that beautiful story with us! You had good ideas in your story!

    Mrs She

  3. hi Jordan i like your picture a lot and I think you were excellent at reading.

    from khaia

  4. Hi Jordy,
    We love swimming in the ocean too! Beautiful presentation.
    Love Mum, Dad and your brothers

  5. Hey, my name is Lauren Walker and i go to the University of South Alabama and is in the EDM 310 class. I really enjoyed your presentation. It seems to me that you are learning a lot and are enjoying yourself. Keep up the good work!!

  6. My name is Alexandria Harper and I go to the University of South Alabama, and I am taking EDM 310. I looks like you are learning alot and I love swimming in the ocean as well.


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