Friday, March 19, 2010

Harlem at Ambury Farm

This is Harlems' first imovie this year. He shares with you what he really liked about Ambury Farm.


  1. Hi Harlem

    Charlotte had so many piglets. Do you remember how many piglets she had? Ambury Farm was so much fun! I hope to return there again. Have fun at school.

    ☻ Khaias mum ☻

  2. Hi Harlem,
    We really liked listening to your story because you used lots of interesting words. Did you have at the farm?

    From Room 10

  3. I enjoyed watching your first imovie. You did a great job. You spoke very clearly. Was this your first visit to the farm?

    Dina Tillman
    Dr. Strange's EDM310 class
    University of South Alabama
    United States


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