Saturday, September 25, 2010

Khaia's Kupe story

This is Khaia's first attempt to do the her recording completely independently. She tells an amazing story about how she was guided to New Zealand.


  1. Well done Khaia. That was very good storytelling, I really liked the way you could concentrate on your reading with all the noise in the background! Good Job!

  2. Hi khaia you had a very discriptive piece of writing and i was proud because you could explain a story better than me and so you blew me away for a year 2 and i ws very proud you are awesome keep p the awesome work

    best wishes jaylee

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  4. Hi Khaia,
    You did awesome work. I enjoyed listening to your story very much!


  5. Gosh your cute Khaia. Awesome reading :)

    love mummy xo


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