Sunday, September 5, 2010

Collins voyage

Collin is new to Pt England School and this is his first post. He has really thought about how it would feel to be on a voyage from the Islands a long time ago. He has even tried to make his voice sound mysterious. Well done Collin.


  1. nice collin nice expression that you have while you speak keep up the great work

  2. Collin very nicely done. I'm in EDM310 At the University of South Alabama here in Mobile,Alabama. You done a very good job of telling your story and I was impressed by the way you told it. Traveling by the stars is generally what I do myself and you should go by the stars in your own life also. Your voice was also very mysterious and entertaining Collin. If you want to comment back my blog post is

    Thanks for your time and have fun in school Collin.


  3. Collin's reflection:

    I am happy that So many people left comments on my movie! I will try to make more movies next time!



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