Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Room 6 Volcano movies.

As you know Room 6 have been learning all about volcanoes. For this movie the children had to remember what caused a volcano to erupt and how it erupted. This is the first time the children have animated their work and they have done a really good job. Well done Room 6.
From Ms Glaze


  1. Hi room six that was a very good animation about volcanoes, you are talented kids. those were clear voice. Keep it up!!

  2. Hi Room 6,
    Well done. I like your pictures because they were detailed. Your voice over were also good because you used good expression and you were speaking clearly. Keep up the great work.

  3. It looks like a real volcano exploding. I also like the music! Can you try and talk a little bit louder. EK and JB

  4. I love the pictures and the way they move. I liked it when the volcano melted. PJ
    At the start of the animation I liked it because the volcano was nice and big so all the rocks came out. I could hear you but it was a bit quite. PM

  5. Wow excellent work Room 6...awesome animation the use of the bright colours and also the explanation of how the volcano errupts. Definitely keep up the excellent work.

    Khaia's Aunty Toa from Australia.

  6. Hi Room 6 i liked this very much, what a awsome effort from all of you.

    Taimana's dad

  7. Well done Room 6

    we love your animations

    Keep up the good work

    Ms Burne and Room 8

  8. woohhhh stop the press! very impressive! Peter Jackson needs to see this.

    Seriously great job u guys and girls that was impressive how u did that animation. Pat on backs and take a bow :)

    Khaias mummy

  9. Hi Room 6

    you have a good movie because it is special and cool.
    From Rebekah Room 8

  10. Hi Room 6,

    I am really impressed with your animation of the volcanic eruption! Do keep up the good work!

    Mrs She.

  11. Hi rom 6
    You kids are very talented. Realy good animations you guys have drawn. Not only the animamition were good but the whole movie was good. The people who were talking was very clear. Can't wait to see and read more intersting story and animations. keep up the great blogging.
    From Seans Sister Ashleigh

  12. Our teacher, Mrs Arnold, came to visit your school last year. We think your pictures were well drawn and interesting. When you speak, your voices were clear and strong. Well done!
    Grade 2A, Wangaratta West Primary School.

  13. Hi room 6 I love your music you have put in this move.
    Keep up the grate work in class room 6 see you next time.

  14. Hi Room 6

    I liked when you made the rocks explode from the volcanos!

    From Louis Puru and Lulu.


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