Sunday, May 16, 2010

Khaia's tells all about volcanoes.

This is Khaia's first attempt at making her own recording on her own. She tells all about what happens when a volcano erupts. She uses some really descriptive language. Well done Khaia.


  1. wow very confident reader you are Khaia.
    well done.

    xo mum and dad

  2. Hi SIS!

    I like the short story about how a Volcano erupts.It has heaps of detail on it. Great stuff! I will see you after school.

    From Shoal

  3. Awesome description and reading of how a volcano erupts...excellent work...keep it up and looking forward to seeing more of your work.

    Love Aunty Toa (Australia)

  4. great work Khaia great description of the volcano erupting very exploding story look forward to hearing more Well done!!!!!!
    love aunty n leanne n Oushen..

  5. Well Done Khaia

    Really great to hear about the Erupting Volcano...Keep up the Good Work !And what a confident reader you are .

    Love from Lincoln and Amanda

  6. Awesum Khaia...keep up the good work...well Lisa n Phil

  7. Aunty Rina & PhoenixJune 6, 2010 at 4:57 PM

    YAY, loved listening to your story about volcanoes, & love your descriptive words as well! You are doing great Khaia, so proud of you ! Lots of love

  8. Hi Khaia
    Great work. That was a very intersting story.I like all of the detail that you have put in your story. I like that you have used diffrent types of words for your sentences. Can't wait to read more of your intersting story's.

    from your friend Ashleigh

  9. Khaia's reflection:

    I like my story because I used interesting words in my story. I can make it better if I read my story slowly and not rushing it!



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