Thursday, December 4, 2014

Qwanelle and Toby's diver story

One stormy day, Tom the deep sea diver, jumped off the ship into the freezing cold water.  In the water there was a golden treasure box! 

Tom was so excited that he couldn’t even say a word until… he saw an octopus with 8 long sticky, gooey tentacles and beady eyes.  Tom really wanted the treasure box until the octopus wrapped its gooey tentacles around his throat.  Tom was trying to pull the tentacles off.  He used all his strength because he wanted it so much.  Suddenly, Tom got choked by the tentacles as it chased him around the grooving seaweed. 

Then after chasing Tom the octopus was tired and started to cry.  So, Tom quickly grabbed the golden treasure box and climbed back onto his boat.

By Toby and Qwanelle,

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