Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Chastyti's Harbour Bridge story

Chastyti loved learning about the Harbour Bridge, especially learning about how it was constructed. She was even the design engineer when the children tried to make it out of lego.  Have a listen and see what she learned about it.


  1. Hi chastyti It's me Jahzara I like your story keep it up Chastyti
    Amazing work

    1. hi chastyti you have a nices storry because you have a details

    2. hi chastyti it is kayzjah i like the detalls in your storry and cip it up.

  2. hi chastyti it me kruz i like the detail you put in your story keep it up from kruz

  3. Dear Chastyti i like your story about the harbour bridge it was cool from naomi


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