Thursday, February 14, 2013

Welcome Daisy to Room 7

Daisy is now in Room 7

Daisy having fun at the Point England picnic


  1. i like the way you guys put your hands on
    each other
    love from nasibah

    1. hi daisy you have a nices picture on your book
      is nices to see
      in your book
      from pt england

  2. hi daisy it jahzara in rm 7 you have a cool
    pictuer on your blog
    from jahzara

  3. hi Nasibah and Awarthon you have a cool pictuer
    on my blog it some cool to
    see in my blog
    from daisy
    in rm 7

  4. HI Daisy it Doris I like your picture with your friends.Keep it up
    By Doris

  5. HI Daisy
    wow what a cool ptoho your teacher took it so cool I want to say I'm so giving a 10 out of 10


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