Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Venetia's shares what she saw at Visy Recycling.

Venetia has used lots and lots and lots... of interesting words to describe what she saw. She also says it with confidence and intonation. Well done Venetia.


  1. Hello princess,i love your story/movie.Keep up the great work !!!

  2. Hi I like what you did there it look like you a lot of fun.from anthony

  3. Hi Venetia,

    That was a great recount of your trip to the recycling centre. You are a very good speaker, and you used lots of interesting vocab. I think it is great that we are recycling in New Zealand. It is very good for our earth. It must have been really smelly though.
    Keep up the awesome work!


  4. Hi venetia it's me amber i like your trip story it's a amazing story.keep up the good work.keep it up.from amber


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