Monday, February 15, 2010

Khaia's summer.

This is Khaia's first imovie this year. Khaia shares with you what she really likes about summer


  1. Hi Khaia, I know when its summer when mummy's washing drys quicker :) and we head to the beach alot! I really hope summer lasts longer this year then last year. I enjoyed listening to your little video clip, it was cute :) Well enjoy the great weather and im looking forward to seeing more of your work in the near future.

    LOVE Mummy :)

  2. To Khaia,

    I like you story about you going to the beach.I'm shure you had a lot of fun.

    From Ashleigh[your sisters freind]

  3. Hi Khaia,

    I love your story about the beach.Keep up the good work

    Love Shoal

  4. Hi Khaia !!! Watched your clip ! well done ! :D

  5. Hello Khaia. We love that you went to the beach. We are going to the beach this Friday. Our whole school is going!
    From Room 6

  6. G'day Khaia from your family in Brisbane. Love your little imovie clip. Glad to hear you remembered to put on some sunscreen.


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