Thursday, December 4, 2014

Kaedince's diver story

KD the deep sea diver jumped into the deep blue sea. 

Then he saw an octopus’s eyes.  It was sitting on a treasure box.

By Kaedince

Lagi's diver story

Miss L the deep sea diver jumped into the deep blue sea.

Then she got scared because she found a twinkling treasure box.

Miss L got caught by the octopus long tentacles.  Then the octopus grabbed the treasure box.

By Lagi

Paschal's diver story

On a hot sunny day Tom jumped into the deep black sea.  Then he saw a mean octopus with black eyes.  He got caught by the octopuses long stretchy tentacles.

Then Tom went down to the octopus and said “You have eight tentacles, and your name is Santa, and you have a pumpkin head”  It made the octopus very angry.

By Paschal

Josh's diver story

Ben the deep sea diver jumped into the deep blue sea. He saw a very bad octopus with very spooky black eyes and eight long tentacles sitting on a very old treasure box.  First Ben hid in the seaweed, then he jumped out but the octopus strangled him.

By Josh

Chance's diver story

On a hot sunny day John the sea diver jumped into the sparkly blue water and swam through colourful coral.

Then he saw an octopus singing on a dusty old treasure box.  When the octopus stopped singing he got mean and angry at John.

Then as John was looking at the octopus it hid behind the beautiful coral.  Suddenly. It jumped out at John and John went “Ahh!”  John started to tease they octopus so they started to fight.  When the fight was over his heart was pounding so he went back to his boat without the treasure.

By Chance

Tayah's diver story

The diver jumped into the deep blue sea. He found the octopus and they had a fight and then the octopus swam away.

By Tayah

Levonah's diver story

On a hot sunny day Cody the deep sea diver dived into the twinkly blue waters.

When Cody dived in he got caught by an evil octopus with its long sticky tentacles.  Suddenly he saw something shining at the bottom in the sand so he went to see what it was.  It was a treasure box full of pearls, money and shiney glasses.  When he looked carefully Cody saw an octopus wrapping his gooey tentacles around the golden treasure box.

So Cody slowly sneaked behind the swirling seaweed trying to make no noise.  Then suddenly, he stepped on one piece of seaweed and the octopus looked behind and saw him.  Cody was very scared.

By Levonah